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Bilingual Legal 

Information Centre
We offer free, confidential services 
across Nova Scotia
Do you need help solving a legal problem?
We can empower you with information and options to help you solve your legal problems.
Are you unsure of what to do or where to get answers?
We can explain the law and answer your questions.
Are you confused by legal procedures?
We can coach you on legal procedures and forms.
Do you feel powerless or disadvantaged?
We will equip you to take your next steps with confidence.
Are you thinking of representing yourself in court?
We will help you prepare to represent yourself.
Are you unaware of available resources?
We will guide you to complementary public, legal and community-based services.
Before making your decisions...

Inform yourself!

Accès Justice - EN
Parlez à un(e) de nos avocat(e)s gratuitement en personne ou par téléphone au 902.433.2085 (sans frais au 1.844.250.8471)
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